Welcome to the World of Frank Wright


At least as much of it as I wish for anyone to see…

As I have already mentioned, I review books… for free. I really don’t require payment for my time, but of course, I also don’t put up with petulance and petty demands. You will not find me all over the web, but instead on a few choice locations. You will find me on Goodreads for the most part because that is one place where a review is worth something to both readers and authors alike. I Tweet because it is nearly impossible not to. You can find me on Google+ and Facebook because I am overly fond of their platforms, and occasionally you may even see me on Amazon. My most insincere apologies, but I do not link in or instantly gram anyone who tumbles in the space around me. I do, however, have high hopes for the growth of Booktropolous Social. I’d sign up for that one if I were you.

As you may have already guessed Frank Wright is a pseudonym. If you have not, in the spirit of full disclosure, allow me to inform you that Frank Wright is a pseudonym. Also in the spirit of full disclosure, that handsome fellow in my profile pic is not me either. He is, in fact, a paid actor. Cheap, but paid none the less.

After careful consideration, I feel as if this allows me to be honest and open without putting my life, limbs, reputation, and friendships in jeopardy. Sure I won’t be able to utilize my existing platform and contacts, but hey, everyone will get the benefit of an unbiased opinion from an insignificant nobody that feels strongly about their work in one way or another. After all that is, arguably, the most important piece of information you can receive, right? Besides there’s no way I’m telling some of the people who actually know me about some of the things I like to read. (Life, limbs and reputation, remember?)

Now that I’ve gone on and on about myself, please do come in and introduce yourself. Suggest a book, say hi, tell me about yourself. You can even ask me personal questions, which I’ll put a skirt on them, dance around them like a crazy man and then beat them with a bush, but you can still ask… In fact, because I’m pro-choice I added and extra option for questions and comments.You can use the form for private inquiries if you prefer, or the comment section for public messages.



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