Powerless by Liz Gavin


Powerless by Liz Gavin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a read filled with passion and lust featuring a turn of the tables on a powerful and Dominant woman. Every scene and sensation in the story was described in vivid detail. There are elements of frustration that build into stress which later are relieved and the cycle begins again in ways that keep the reader engaged and infatuated.
The characters were deep enough that you could connect with them and fleshed out enough to add an element of realism to the story.
The story stands alone without needing the support of another tale while at the same time it will leave you wanting more. Fortunately, there is a sequel to add another layer. I love it when a book can support itself instead of ending on a cliffhanger and ruining a perfectly good story.
I only saw a couple of tiny proofreading issues within the tale, but nothing that would distract from the story and I have to praise that because of how deeply I appreciate the proofreading and editing of an erotic short story when so many authors choose not take the time to handle that.
Frankly this could, to date, be my favorite D/s erotic short.

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