Cop Games by C.H. Bordelon

Cop Games
Cop Games by C.H. Bordelon
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The narrator is excellent. I had no trouble at all differentiating between characters. The sound of the narrator’s voice was pleasant on my ear and made hearing the story a very pleasant experience.
There are some great descriptions within the story. For most of my journey through the story, I was very clear about the settings. The intimate scenes are a little awkward in their beginnings, but they fall into a good rhythm after a bit.
I had some trouble with believability in several parts of the story due to some inconsistencies with the reality of the fiction; i.e. if he didn’t trust her, he never would have fallen asleep near her.
I have always been put off by the use of “I know it doesn’t make any sense” said by a character because it is an easy way out of a problem. The same goes for over explanation between two characters. Frankly, some things need to be left for the reader to conclude themselves and there was a lot of excessive explaining within the story which left me with a defensive feeling regarding my ability to understand what is going on without having it spelled out completely for me.
The tale itself was great. I found it interesting enough to keep my attention in one sitting, but the whole piece would have benefitted from a structure edit. There was a touch of confusion that I didn’t feel a sense of resolution about. There are some weak spots including a few tense issues and some plot holes, stereotypes and cliches. Solutions or explanations were conveniently invented along the way to solve problems that came up. These explanations would have been better hinted at earlier in the story.
Despite the small handful of things that needled at me I truly enjoyed the story and I look forward to more.

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